Shine A Light: An Experience

Perhaps music is like many other things in the way that whatever you put into it, is what you can get out of it. I’m not sure I’d totally agree, maybe you just have to remain open to the possibilities that it could really move you.

I was at the famed Bluebird Cafe in Nashville Tennessee the other night, and had church, or what I think church should be like! It was a moving experience that seemed to bring the room together.  I’ve had church with this person before, so maybe a little of it was anticipated. It’s hard to explain because it’s easily an accumulation of the connection of artist and audience, as well as the quality of songs. Never for this artist, to be underestimated, the voice and inflections wrapped around his own words is a power all its own.

And the singer begin to sing:

When the sun hits it right on its way down- it was the prettiest thing in our little town. We’d all sneak a glance over at the plastic frame and cracked glass that holds the picture of Ruby’s two sad daughters. Last mill closed when I was nine and Daddy left and Momma cried again, I spent my nights cleaning Ruby’s floors, just another cafe on a wind swept highway- the farmers bitched, were no good football anymore.

In this land that knows no laughter -in this land that hold no water- we were all in love with Ruby’s two sad daughters.

We were there with him, like we knew Ruby’s daughters. We were there on that windswept landscape, where there ain’t a lot to look forward to, where life is hard, but like everyone, those living there it was all they knew. Hungry to move on maybe but knowing they would never be able to outrun their soul.

One went way out west, one went way wrong, one left at seventeen and the other couldn’t wait that long. Neither went anywhere with me, not to the games or the Dairy Queen. Both split with the first boy who lied sweet and looked vaguely mean.

And the guitars hit sad, reflective chords, lamenting a world gone by. An age that comes only once. An age that doesn’t have a big enough view to realize the perfection of the moment.

why so pretty and forlorn- why so permanently blue- I guess ours wasn’t much of a kingdom to rule. Now when the sun hits it right on its way down, it’s still the prettiest thing in our little town. Every hour I sneak a glance over at the plastic frame and I fix the glass that holds the picture of Ruby’s two sad daughters. Why did hope leave town with Ruby’s two sad daughters?

And so we moved on through other songs. Other vantage points of life and the journeys that bring us all together if even for a moment. The rich textures and fleeting moments that belong only to time and memory, but the moments that we cherish and connect us. The hugs of friends where a touch has something extra. Not the backslapping kind of hugs or greetings, but the ones that slide into our spirits quietly and become part of the fabric by which we navigate this life. These are the riches my friends, these are the moments and experiences to cherish.

If you find yourself out around Luckenbach Texas on this beautiful 4th of July, you can hear these songs and find this richness. Go see our friend Walt Wilkins, go let the words wrap around your soul like a gentle golden thread that tugs you into community, love and harmony.

Gracias !


4 thoughts on “Shine A Light: An Experience

  1. wow, thank you dear brother. i’d like to post this on my website, if its alright with you. this is most meaningful; just like the other night. that was my favorite night in nashville, maybe ever. it was a healing church service for me, too.
    gracias gracias gracias.

  2. How beautiful this is, Handsome Glenn! I am so sorry I wasn’t there that night. Apparently, I was oblivious to the fact that our Walt was in town. I must remember to pay more attention to what is happening in my world. I love your writing. I recognize the truth in it, as I have had the same experience in the past with Walt’s music. Besides loving him like a brother, I believe his work is high poetry, wrapped in the perfect melodies and sung as only Walt could sing it. And I learn something new every time I hear him.

    As for you, I have learned today that I will want to keep an eye out for your blogs. I do like the way you write, my friend. Blessings on you and your sweet family.

  3. Thank you sharing your well written experience. I couldn’t agree with you more and have the wonderful pleasure of being able to walk away with many of the same feelings after such a show with these wonderful guys. What a wonderful gift he gives to us all.

  4. Hi There. I was looking for an image of Grace Potter and came across this blog. I’m gonna steel this line as the perfect description: “The band is home based in Vermont and blends a cool funky kinda soul with a honest, but heavy 70′s vibe”, but I’ll link to you. I’m an audiofile…always looking for something new and interesting. Come visit my music blog if the kids turn you on to something interesting 🙂

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