All Of That From An Egg !

I suppose when you start speaking about how little moments in life are special, some would say you start to sound old. Well, I don’t care what folks think, and my opinion of that would be that you grow into age just like you grow into wisdom. The young ones just haven’t been on this earth long enough to articulate these things. But, they feel them, everybody does if they are listening. One day they will know how to listen.

The other night around 930 pm, I was standing at the stove cooking some eggs for a late supper. This great feeling came over me almost as if I were in a movie. But it was my movie, my life and some random memories that it holds. One of those sort of deja vu moments. It was just a re-member…..My Grandmothers kitchen, paneled walls, indoor/outdoor carpet, gold appliances, a pair of ceramic praying hands, and the smell of not only grits, eggs and bacon cooking, but it was the smell of security and love. The late night conversations, guiding me through life, reassuring me that everything would be ok.

Kitchens have always been the heart of the home. It’s where the richest parts of life seem to happen. Where we break bread, build friendships, find our nourishment, give sweet kisses of hello and goodbye. Kitchens make all the senses come alive, don’t they?, like they have their own heartbeat.

So standing there reflecting on those memories and thinking of my children and the paths they are on. Worrying some, wondering, being proud and knowing they will find their way to healthy worlds full of love, connection and peace one day gave me much satisfaction. For a moment everything in this crazy world seemed ok, if even just for a moment. A moment was good enough, as the smell and sounds of eggs frying connected me to years gone by and gave me a warm feeling of the ones to come… It was just a little moment…. but it all came from an egg !!!!!

I was listening to Kevin Welch’s song “A Letter To Dustin”  and Sam Baker’s “Waves” during the writing of this post.


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