Shine A Light: John Anderson

It must have been around 1980 or so, when I saw an interview by Ralph Emery with a new artist and fellow Floridian, John Anderson. The record was called ” I Just Came Home To Count The Memories”. I was knee deep in Willie Nelson, Bob Marley, and even guys like Gino Vanelli !, but I was young and missing my family, and the heartbroke strains in the absolute unvarnished country voice of John Anderson hit me right square between the eyes and knocked me on my ass ! I loved that entire record and wore it out !

Scoring early with a great Billy Joe Shaver tune called “Old Chunk Of Coal” and “1959”, then rolled over the Country charts with classics like “Wild and Blue”, “Black Sheep”. “Let Somebody Else Drive”, and the monster “Swingin”. For a while he was the man….no pinup cowboy… I remember seeing him in Mobile Alabama where his bass player was spitting his dip while playing ! I know gross maybe, but man back then after too much Kenny Rogers and fluff country, this was bad ass ! One of my other favorites for any weepy eyed, love lost young man was the sad “Down In Tennessee”.

Years later John bounced back with maybe one of the greatest songs ever, and one he wrote himself called “Seminole Wind”as well as “Straight Tequila Night”. I saw a show in Pensacola when that was hot and he sang Seminole Wind twice….they just couldn’t get enough….Just amazing.

If your looking for some grit, some of the real stuff, give John Anderson a shot..He’s one of the good guys !!

Music listened to while making this post, who else, John Anderson’s “Chicken Truck” and “Would You Catch A Falling Star”.



2 thoughts on “Shine A Light: John Anderson

  1. Glenn, I couldn’t agree more. One of the greats. When “Swingin'” came out, I remember hearing it the first time and saying “well, that’s gonna be huge”, to a Warner Bros. A&R guy, who told me they hadn’t wanted to release it. Thought it was too much of a novelty record for John. I just laughed and told him that when John Anderson sings anything, he makes it legit, and that it made me happy and I was pretty sure it would have that effect on a lot of people. It did.

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for sharing, Amigo.

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