Oh Sweet Texas

Most people that know me, know that Pensacola Florida is where I was born and is home. Although I have been forcefully displaced a few times in my younger years, I am a Floridian, pure and simple.

I have a friend and native Texas son, who when we were talking about heritage, he listed his blood lines among others as Scots, Cherokee and Texan. I got a kick out of that! I know how much he loves his home state and that his connection runs deep in his spirit. It’s almost how he breathes, inhaling her beauty and soul, and then exhaling sweetly that beauty and soul, into songs and stories.

Here is a pic of Austin native Walt Wilkins and Sherman native, Jim T Graham.

I have spent time in the Lone Star State and must say I feel like an adopted son.  I think the flip flop wearing, Country-Soul of Austin, despite Las Manitas  no longer serving up its Megas and coffee, would be a good fit for me if I ever had to flee.

Cunningham native and Tamra’s Aunt Neva

Itasca’s favorite Son, Sam Baker and I at Kellers Store in Mason Texas somewhere around 2005.

Tamra with our friend and the eternal Mayor of New Art Texas, Bill Worrell

They have an old saying in the Lone Star State,  that goes like this ” I wasn’t born here but I got here as quick as I could”.

The above picture is Tamra’s Bagota native Father Doyle Howell. Below is the always and forever cowgirl from Euless Texas, Tamra Simmons

and just a few years later…Bucko the horse is also from Texas but not the motorcycle !!

So fly your home state flag, wear her in your heart, sing her songs and remember her as fondly as you might your first love ! And if you ever get a chance to slip on down Texas way, she is waiting, arms open and eyes a shinning !


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