Shine A Light: Tina Mitchell Wilkins

Many years ago in an interview, I heard Jackson Browne talking about his thoughts and feelings behind CD’s vs records. He made a comment that has stuck with me. He was saying how he liked the term “record” because to him albums were records of events, or a record of a story, a full story and not a vinyl disc of 10 separate songs that had nothing to do with each other. Especially for the singer-songwriters they were chronicling where they were in life and hopefully their listeners could relate. That was the first thought when I slipped Tina Mitchell Wilkins‘ latest “record” into my car player !

Morning Glory is just that; a record of where someone is at. I’m not gonna speak of age because as old as I am I’ve learned not to do that, but I will say that if spirit is what keeps us young, then Tina is barely out of her teens. From the opening lines of Ageless, “mirror mirror on the wall, could you make me skinny and tall; 15 years young to appreciate it all; not funny to watch it all…fall”. Right out of the box I knew I was on this journey. Male or female it doesn’t matter, although I’d take skinny for sure ! Tina is speaking about the paths that all of us go down if we have gone down the paths of life very far. To me what I hear in her voice and lyric is that it isn’t going or not going but how we go. Do we go with grace? Do we go with balance, with love and with the truth of understanding that it really gets sweeter and richer !!

On Here To Love You, she might be singing to the love of her life, but she is also speaking to life itself and to all of us sharing this planet with her. It’s more of her mantra, her approach to life than anything. We need more of that in this crazy ole world !

No worries that she is speaking for the world, on the highly personal We Made The Spirits Move, Tina pulls back the curtain and reflects on love and the risks, both the pain and rich beautiful rewards of that love. We were shaking up the heavens and we weren’t even trying, what a great line. Hopefully we’ve all felt that in some relationship somewhere in our lives and if not there’s still time !

Restless as we all are, the old tune Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For was a great choice. It reminded me in the context of this “record” that we are all full of forces that push us out there, challenge us and make us move and grow, but we are also in the midst of forces that pull us back and make us doubt. Many times our lives feel like two steps forward and one step back; just as soon as we get one thing down, something else moves !

So I say all of this simply and honestly to say that this is a fine record and worthy of whatever the pittance itunes charges. What you will get back, if you turn down the lights, find a quiet evening and listen to Morning Glory will be repaid many times over and remind you that we are all traveling together. It’s a good “record” of where we all are at this bend of life. Gracias, Tina!!!

Go to Tina’s site to catch her live in a town near you. She also writes a great blog !! Visit, visit, visit !


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