A Quiet Season

We all live, these days, in a world of voices. They come at us from everywhere. The come on the radio, blogs, texts, social media and the most dreaded of them all, the TV!!! We all participate and I suppose we all have a threshold of how much we can stand. Some engage in it all, on what feels like a constant basis…words, words, and more words. I do it, I participate, but sometimes I just find myself retreating from it all. Going to someplace quiet and calm, and letting the swirling winds of the world howl and rage all they want, but I will be tucked away in a cocoon of quiet.

I’ve had one of those quiet seasons this past summer. A summer where I retreated, not withdrawn from life, but simply retreated from all the conversation, the debate, the opinions, and the noise. My inner being just wanted to relate to the things around me, to the Creator, to art, without words. There are some religions that believe it’s unholy to even speak of God. They just “are” in the presence of the Master. Maybe our culture wouldn’t argue so much if we did a little more of that. I am by nature a person that likes to create conversation, to learn of peoples stories, and to find a way to relate to all that cross my path. To find that harmony with all my brothers and sisters. So soon I will return to the fold and find myself back in the campfires, discussion groups, and yes TV news !

Do any of you ever feel like maybe you’d be better off just letting all of that stuff go by for a little while? Do you feel you’d miss it if you didn’t or miss out on something? Is being involved what keeps your fires burning? These are questions I ask of you and especially myself. The tension that we all live under trying to find a balance. Trying to find peace; to get it and to give it.

So as I’m still in this quiet season, I will make this short and close here. I would be interested however to hear your thoughts on this.


2 thoughts on “A Quiet Season

  1. As an introvert, I like to retreat from the noise regularly. However even when we are engaged in the whirlwind of life, it’s good to remember the importance of listening more and speaking less – two ears, one mouth

  2. I’m definitely the kind of person that wants a balance. i watch a LOT of TV, not because i’m shutting out the rest of the world, but because I watch shows that I learn from, inspire me, and some that I’m just flat out entertained by (and I love to laugh). But there frequently comes a time when I notice how stuck to the glowing box I can get and I have to break away. Sometimes that means hanging out with others around a fire or over dinner (I love conversation. Like… let’s figure life out together conversation). And I also love retreating. Often in college, I would find my way to a secluded park or beautiful cemetery, just so the only voice speaking to me was His. And I still love to do that, although I haven’t in awhile :/ I think life should be a balance of inputting information into your brain, meditating on that information, then sharing it with others… in no particular order 🙂

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