Shine A Light: Brian Langlinais

Lafayette Louisiana native Brian Langlanais’ sohpmore record called “Tonight I Might” showcases the singers wide variety of influences. When you grow up playing Zydeco and Cajun dance music in Louisiana, you not only have the soul of the generations, but you are naturally a blend of all styles of music !

From the opening cut, Tennessee Hideaway, you can feel that roadhouse, blues, good time feeling coming over you. With a voice like honey, Langlanais takes listeners through R&B gospel tinged “I Was A Burden”, to the fine cover of Walt Wilkins’ “Tonight I Might”, Langlanais shows range and appreciation for all genres without losing his Louisiana identity.

Perhaps my favorite tune on the record is a Kevin Welch penned song called “Don’t Shoot The Snake In The Bottom Of The Boat”, and yes his treatment of “She’s Everything To Me” which I co wrote with Brian and our dear, late friend, Buck Jones, touches me deeply.

You can buy all the popular music you want and there is much out there that is good, but you could also drop a few dimes on someone that you’ve not heard of, and find a real diamond. That would be Brian Langlanais. Tell me how you liked it !