The Seasons Change

It is becoming camp fire season here in the rolling hills of middle Tennessee. The intensity of the long summer has faded, temperatures slipping down and the humidity has gone. It is a beautiful time. I have spoke of fires before, but it is such a good thing it bares re telling and reminding those that don’t do it to take some time and give it a try.

Our world seems to spin faster everyday, and everyday I move a little bit slower, care a little bit less about the things the world can hold dear. Crop have been harvested, canning begun. In the Minnesota woods I’m sure the ricing is underway. Traditions abound with  sacredness ,  beauty  and thankfulness of simply being a part of it all.

In our little place on the earth, my wife readies our home with fall traditions of decorations. she exchanges the plastic tubs of summer clothes for sweaters, and long sleeve shirts. Even I break out the sock made for my flip flops or slaps was we call them, so I can continue wearing them.

Today I’ve had a campfire going all day long. It fills the air with memories of many a past campfire with friends. We have talked with our brothers and sisters through life’s questions, disappointments and joys. We’ve listened to great tribal drums and pow wow music; James Taylor and Jackson Browne have been the backdrop too, on many nights. Sitting around with the warm glow, stoking the fire, drinking a cold beer, being in communion with friends is a comforting time. Do yourself a favor and park yourself around a campfire soon. It will do your spirit good, I promise !!