Shine A Light: Marc Scibilia

It’s always an honor to find a new artist that has your immediate attention and respect. It’s amazingly refreshing to find an artist that speaks about things that you think about. An approach to life that you feel has a connection to your own. It’s reassuring when that person is still in his 20’s, yet speaks from somewhere way down the road. Such is Marc Scibilia !

This clip is from Marc’s new release called “Ain’t My Home”.

So if you are looking for something fresh, something from an artist that speaks from his soul and about a life that finds honor in reaching deeper and richer for the true treasures, then check out Marc Scibilia. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s like listening to Gregorian Chants, but it is a person with a calling. A calling to spread good thought, to share and create harmony in this world through his music.



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