Just Because You Can

Is it because I am getting older? Is it because I’ve matured?, I know, ha ha! Is it because somewhere along the line the value of true manners and good tatse were instilled in me, and the notion of “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” was burned into my brain.

Since I was a child one of my biggest challenges has been my profane tounge ! I do say this with a little wink and smile because on the big list of No-No’s, its not that big a deal. Sounds like a guy making excuses ! BUT, there is a discipline missing and is that some of what I’d say we are misssing in our world of Pop Culture. Language and crassness doesn’t make me blush and I don’t think of myself as a prude but I do think there is something, growing even in me, about good taste. It just seems that the trashier you are and especially if you can do it on TV then the more popular you are.

Some people might think it’s the sign of being an adult that they can say and act any way they want, but perhaps it’s the sign of maturity that you choose to not exhibit your pooerest choices.

I hope the pendulum will swing back the other way. Or maybe I can work on my own pendulum swinging back the other way. I guess I’m further down the road where less is more, where quietness feels better than noise and hopefully the teachings of my youth are ringing truer than ever.


One thought on “Just Because You Can

  1. I read your post and got the very real sense that you are precisely where you need to be right now, therein; very big thank you for sharing your wisdom and personal insight, since regards, Barry

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