Give It Up For The Turtle

untitledIt’s a fast world, and getting faster. We are a culture of more, bigger, first and strongest. We are taught to believe that these are the only keys to success. We are taught that there is little value in second place and then of course when second place happens we are consoled by someone telling us that at least we tried our best. Still the message rings clear. We would have taken the prize if we only finished first.

We spend so much time concerning ourselves with this image that we miss the true, valuable things that the Creator wants us to see. If we choose the Christian path, we are taught that the meek inherit the earth and that the last shall be first. But I don’t see many folks actually living out this path. Instead we live in a kind of contradiction, saying we believe in one thing, but actually pursuing another. No wonder we’ve got issues.

Enter the Turtle ! Moving slowly of course, checking out his surroundings a little at a time, choosing his path. There are a lot of reasons to like a turtle and many folklore stories, but here is the one thing that I see in the turtle. When trouble or craziness of life comes around; when the big winds come and threaten our lives, does the turtle stand and fight. Does he go head to head and toe to toe with all the madness? No, I see him slipping his head inside the protective shell the Creator gave him and just let all of the insanity blow right by him. He isn’t afraid, he just knows this is how life is and he is better off not trying to fight against those forces. And he doesn’t get thrown off course. I think maybe, he goes into that shell, listens to a little Bob Marley, drinks a cold Kona beer and eats some really good enchiladas. Everything is cool. He’s easy to get along with, a good listener and is comfortable both on land as well as water! I got nothing against the Lion or Tiger or Bear, but I dig the ole turtle. How about you?


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