Shine A Light: American Limehouse

limeThere is a lot of music out there these days and finding stuff you’ve never heard of is actually easier now than it has ever been. On itunes of course you can preview songs and then buy only the ones you like. A far cry from the days when you’d buy an album and find that you only liked the songs they played on the radio !!

Now with all that music at our fingertips, the down side seems to be that it opens the floodgates for anyone with a guitar and garage band. So finding the good stuff gets a little trickier. Music should be made for the love of it; for the passion that a type of music evokes in a person. Sometimes that has commercial appeal and sometimes not. But when the two come together the result is an awesome listening experience. This is the case for Nashville based American Limehouse, which is made of up of veteran musicians that have shared the stage and played for the best artists in music.

American Limehouse has a bit of a throwback sound. If you like deep grooves, RB, with some Steely Dan vibe thrown in, then this bands for you. Make no mistake they are not a cover band or stuck in a time warp. This a tight band of excellent players pushing the limits, but you won’t be disappointed if those old grooves still move you.


These are good guys playing a style of music that they love, and it is infectious. They are currently playing local in Nashville and I’m sure will be hitting the road soon. Do yourselves a favor and see them live, check them out on itunes and visit their site


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