Shine A Light: The Adventres Of The Big Boy

As they last days of 2012 dwindled and the leaves had blown across the streets of Nashville, two really good records were released by Nashville artist and writer, Davis Raines. Always a local favorite and among the writers of this town, Davis is acknowledged as a writing force to be reckoned with! Davis Raines is the insider’s favorite, everywhere he goes.

Santa Maria Hotel was a Shine The Light post in December 2012. Now listening to the second record, The Adventures Of The Big Boy, produced by Don Kerce, the most obvious commonality is the love for Davis Raines music. The approach to the songs is different, and the set list is different all but for Santa Maria Hotel. I’ve you dream of living of the hard driving honky-tonk sounds of Country Music reminiscent of Waylon, Willie, Don Williams or even Marty Robbins, then Milan Miller produced Santa Maria Hotel will hit you right between the eyes.

big boy cover
The Adventures of The Big Boy stretches the bag towards the hippie side of Davis Raines, and believe me the Autauga County Alabama native has a big hippie side, full of love, openness, and a sincere wish for all to live in harmony and happiness! What a great bag of tunes with stories dripping with Cajun juices, to the Blues, Country, and even the Beatles-ish “You Lied”. But every influence and every Sunday -morning -saved- again, is in every Davis Raines song. While he has been gone from Autauga County for a long time it has never left him. Davis has a way of always walking away with only the good stuff !

davis live

Give the rollicking track Big Boy a listen, man the opening lines hit me right off, “I got a roll of fifties, I got a .45 / I been to Mississippi, I been on a airplane ride- baby girl you sure smell good / Lordy-mercy Mama treat the Big Boy like you should……..This is high caliber Hillbilly ya’ll, with subtle brush strokes of the Old South. But if you think Santa Maria Hotel stays in the past then buckle up for Methamphetamine, where the listener hears a story with all of the confusion, paranoia, and fear of addiction and that is just coming from the music and the track, but then the words step in….I’m just a country boy, never had much / Never had much interest in notes and such, I never had much focus never had much drive- never had much reason for being alive…..

Nobody is asking, but I guess I’m telling, go get a copy of The Adventures Of The Big Boy, but I must warn you that if you like what you hear then that stuff they are calling Country Music these day will no taste so good to ya! I’ve you’ve been looking for the real stuff with the craft of writing still intact, then go get em! And you can thank me later! By the Way as luck would have it, Davis Raines will be appearing at Kimbros in Franklin Tennessee this Thursday night, May 23 !! See Ya there !


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