Two Dogs

Ok, I’ve tampered around with this idea on a couple of other posts but don’t think I got it. There’s probably an easy and concise way to say it, as I’m sure many of you readers can, but it isn’t easy for me.
Maybe the question boils down to this. Do we live a life following what we intrinsically feel in our spirit (ha if we even know what that is) or if it’s different do we live our lives governed by what we’ve been taught and experienced?
I was riding home the other day listening to Jack Johnson’s song “Sleeping Through The Static”. I’ve heard this song many times, but it hit me enough to strike the thought I’m trying so hard to flesh out. Here is the part of the lyric that I’m speaking of:

Who needs sleep when we’ve got love?
Who needs keys when we’ve got clubs?
Who needs please when we’ve got guns?
Who needs peace when we’ve gone above
But beyond where we should have gone?
We went beyond where we should have gone

…..and then it goes into this part……
Shock and awful thing to make somebody think
That they have to choose pushing for peace supporting the troops
And either you’re weak or you’ll use brut force-feed the truth
The truth is we say not as we do

Now it is obvious that Jack is speaking to the Iraq war, but that isn’t the part I’m interested in. When I heard this and when I hear other personal truths, they just feel right way deep down in my soul or DNA or physic memory or whatever you want to label it as, but it says “this is who I am”. Even if isn’t something that I consciously, socially or morally agree with. Maybe the tension comes from not feeling like I can stand up for what I feel when I’m in a crowd that sees the world differently.

When fear is spoke, I understand it, and part of me wants to cover my ass and err on the side of me and mine. Forget everyone else.
These really are complex issues and I would like to think that in the quiet conversations we’d find most folk lean a little this way on one issue and a little the other way on another issue. Maybe we shouldn’t care what others think about where we stand, but hey this is the land and age of telling everyone in the world every thought we have !!

I like Abraham Lincolns quote “I’d rather be fooled a thousand times than develop the heart of a cynic”. So maybe I’ll be fooled, taken advantage of from time to time. Maybe I won’t win or climb the ladder to wherever they think it goes. But maybe, just maybe I’ll journey on with a smile and look at the people I met as a friend. We’ll see. Does this make sense at all? Still not sure I have the question right, but I think I’m closer. Liberal might not be the worst description of me; I’m liberal in love and gentleness; liberal in forgiveness and patience. That’s not a bad start.
Kind of like the old story of two dogs living inside a person. One is liberal and one is conservative (adjectives mine). Which one grows the strongest?- answer of course is the one we feed..


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