Impatience at Warp Speed

Not sure I’ll dial this thought in very good this morning on little coffee. One of the stories that has prompted this thought or frustration is the Malaysian flight that is missing. First let me say along with the rest of the world , my prayers are put in the wind everyday for the families of this horrible tragedy. I can’t even begin to grasp their level of angst, confusion and pain. I would also naturally want answers that hopefully would offer some form of closure, so whatever healing could happen, would begin.

This morning on the news was a lawyer stating that they didn’t need to wait for any type of official investigation or statement, because they believe there was a flaw in the planes design. The sharks and vultures begin to circle amidst peoples incredible pain and loss of center. This is an unprecedented event and with 24 hour news on dozens of TV stations, thousands of radio stations, millions of blogs and internet conversations. And the collective WE want the answers right now…or do we? Is there anybody else out there frustrated with the insane amount of guessing, theory and speculation going on? Of course they can’t shut up, they have to fill the airwaves every single second of our lives. It is up to us to turn it off. I get it, I really do, but it is crazy. It becomes like the boy that cried wolf. Now we hear of debris in the ocean and we don’t tune in !

This pace of information doesn’t allow good thorough investigation. To check and double check. Everyone wants to be first instead of right. Any thoughts, frustrations out there? Maybe this is the blessing and curse of our technology at the same time. I hope we can all find some measure of peace with this conflict that is not going away. We have to govern ourselves and that’s the toughest part. Peace be with you !


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