Seasons Change

In the past few days Fall has tapped us on the shoulder reminding us of cycles and circles. The heat of Summer will take a few more swings at us here in middle Tennessee but it’s veracity is waning. It is time to let go.

In the culture that I was raised in and what is probably true for most of us is when the season changes, we always respond  by how they make us feel. That seems fairly natural to most of us. But I think that there were cultures back when people lived closer to the Earth, that weren’t quite as self-centered as we are today. They understood the Earth as a teaching tool and they saw themselves as part of the whole. All life journeyed in continual cycles and circles. 

To get outside of ourselves for a moment to let nature and the universe become the true teachers that they are, is a forced action for us. Not one we’ve been taught but one we respond well to, once our ancient spirits are reminded. 

The old ones that lived closer to the earth, the great teacher, understood the harmony needed to live a centered, balanced and healthy life. 

I’ve heard for years how the Fall is a time of clearing our spirits before the earth goes to sleep, so once the renewal of Spring arrives we are not carrying our past burdens.  That even the trees which have great wisdom let go of thier leaves so they can grow again. It’s a season of reflection and quiet easing into our own personal hibernations.

I like these words from the Ojibway….. “In traditional cultures, the cycle of seasons was and often still is recognized and celebrated with ceremonies. These ceremonies are a way of obtaining and maintaining harmony with the natural world. For humans to live with happiness Harmony and health they must be in tune with the continually changing world around them.”

So along side campfires, football and sweaters remember the symbolism found in creation used to teach us. Remember the tree letting go of its leaves as we let go of anger and jealousy. Sometimes we are letting go of a loved one. Remember the snake as we shed old habits that keep us from harmony. 

Everything in the circle does the same thing in it’s own way. I wish you a good season change and for your spirit to fly higher without the baggage it has accumulated this past year. Aho, good travels on good roads to you all…