Be Good To One Another

Fear brings out some interesting emotions in us all. Organized religion has known this for a long time and has had a pretty good handle on how to make it work for them.

Perhaps we all respond to stimuli the way our natural DNA tells us to. Some has to be cultural, but I think our gut reaction is from our spirit and how we relate to the world.

With the grief and sadness over the recent attacks in Paris and other global points, it has been interesting to see the responses on social media as well as National media. A portion of my belief has real frustration with the news and the bombarding and continuous pounding of points that they want to make. All the more frustrating when they don’t have all the facts, but they continue to repeat those points, and then the fire is started and everyone runs off half cocked on social media.

As a country I wish our heart was in to a crisis as much as our heads were. It seems we are in a host of places that we don’t need to be or at least at that point.  We don’t have to be the worlds savior and it’s healthier for everyone for those that can take care of their own problems, do so.

I’m all for thinking globally and helping others out, but some of it just isn’t our business. I’m not much of a political thinker. I try, but the more I seek the less I seem to know or believe.

That being said I have my own difficulties personally even trying to lace up my faith and my humanness in close proximity. At the heart of the worlds major religions, from my Muscogee faith and my journey with Christ, to all the others, love, peace, balance and harmony are the tenants. Man has done and continues to do horrible things to his fellow brothers and sisters and my gut reactions are not pretty. But then I look at a statue of Buddha or Christ, or Black Elk, and the tension amps up quite a bit.

As I face East every morning with sage and feathers for morning prayers, all I can do is try to connect with the Creator and be thankful. I hope whomever you pray to , you are asking for much of the same thing. And that we all try to lace up our faith with our humanness to somehow resemble a single mind and heart for peace.

Aho and Amen! be good to one another

Music for the writing of this blog post was Bob Dylans, ” Everything is broken”, “God on our side” and “Change my way of thinking”


Lead, follow or get out of the way

I was in a conversation with a friend recenty, when he said “ya know, I have liked most people I’ve met individually, but when they become the “collective whole”, not so much”. That has kinda stuck with me, chewing on it a little, trying to shape it.

It did make me think about us as individuals vs. society or vs. countries. I read a quote one time by Willie Nelson where he said something to the effect that “the worlds problems won’t ever be solved politically, but spiritually”. That’s a scary thought to me, because we are as individually as far apart “religiously” as we are politically. So, is it the case where we all want the same things? We all want, peace, love and harmony, but have different ideas on what paths leads us there.

Everyone I talk to, even the loud ones, when you get them away to a quiet spot, want the same things from this life. I believe that true around the world. Every parent wants their children to be safe. To give and receive love. What happens to that once it is shifted to our religions and our governments? It’s like everyone digs Jesus, but when you make that shift to God or religion, they are out. From personal to a system, in that space there, it all changes for some people.

I read a book once that said every single response we have in life stems from two thoughts; love or fear. does our personal DNA direct us to systems that house these two responses? some are of the “shoot first and ask questions later” stemmed from fear. Others dialog, and seek to understand other points. Love. do we shift from love as individuals to fear as a group, and respond accordingly?

Ok, so I sure don’t have answers here. Just kicking it around, trying for it to take shape in my mind. Then again maybe it’s just time to go have a cold beer, and let it all go. What do you think about this? Do you see shifts in people as individuals vs. groups?

How do you see it affecting the world? Is it the brokenness of man? Perhaps a small sliver of light reminding man that left to his own ego and devices will self implode !