Water oh sweet water



We all know without water we couldn’t survive. That it covers roughly 70% of the earths surface. We swim in it, drink it, bathe and some are baptized in it. We surf on its majic waves leaving us with a feeling unmatched anywhere. We cook with water and mix our drinks with it. Water is the ultimate feeling of rejuvenation and freshness. Those of us born near a good river, lake or ocean know how it is simply part of your soul, making it not only vital for ultimate existence, but a happiness and connectedness with Mother Earth.



Water is unpredictable, dangerous and thrilling. It can bring despair and euphoria. It can calm the deepest of nerves. Just being in it’s presence makes us feel like the Creator is washing over us. Water babies, beach bums, river rats, lake lovers all know this feeling. Even land locked, mountain lovers are many times left speechless at the site of my Gulf of Mexico, with its gentle waves rolling and out. Reminding us that life comes and goes, seasons too and love.




I wonder how you feel about water. Is it just a means to an end? A way to get clean or to not dehydrate? Or does it have a deeper meaning, a spiritual connection? Does it center you? For me, water is medicine. It is healing and helps me make sense of a dry and sometimes cold, cruel world. So, sometimes I ride the waves, like I ride all the other waves in my life. Knowing good is always on the way and the best wave is only a set away ! Take a slash, take a sip, baptize yourself and become reborn into a world of deeper connections though one of our greatest natural gifts !


Open To Change?

I heard someone say one time that they had “a deathgrip on their ideals and beliefs”. I understand that they were trying to say how deeply the believed in something and that they could never be persuaded to see it differently, but the irony of the statement has always made me think. For if someone has a deathgrip on something, it usually means at least a couple of things. One that maybe they are afraid of change and also that with a deathgrip they will likely kill it !

So when do we examine our ideals and beliefs? I tend to see them as gardens that have to be maintained almost constantly. Easier to say than to do and I have been a “go down with the ship” kind of guy plenty of times. I did realize in myself that if my ideals and beliefs caused division and exclusion that they needed to be re examined. That if I was so sure I was right that I didn’t have the space to engage in dialog, then I needed to re-examine. I’ve been wrong so many times that you’d think it would be easy, but it isn’t. I think it is tough for us as a people, to be naturally inclusive. It seems that it has to be an intentional practice. Does love have a beginning or end?

We all share this earth. We are all brothers and sisters of the same Creation. I really believe that there are many, many people out there yearning for dialog; longing for peace in their world, their country, their community, their homes and especially within themselves. I am one of them. I welcome comments and reflections. Where do you find yourself in the midst of holding to your beliefs in this ever-changing world of politics, racism, religion, exclusion, love and longing?

Peace to you my friends !

Earth Day

What does Earth Day or its intentions mean to you? Does it sound hokey?, kind of Euell Gibbons-ish? Do you picture earthy kind of folks drenched in patchouli, wearing Birkenstocks? Maybe you kind of chuckle at the “Mother Earth” kind of stuff or think the earth has been giving for centuries and it probably will for many more to come.

Or maybe, just maybe, you think of future generations. Maybe you try to live a life of using only what you need, and making sure what you throw away goes to the right place. Maybe you believe that this earth is a gift from the Creator and you wish to honor that gift by caring for it and teaching your children to do the same thing.

I know folks on both sides of this idea. But it is time. It is time to honor this gift that sustains us and our children and our children’s children ! Maybe the shift in thinking is just that because we are human and have “dominion”, doesn’t mean we are separate from the whole. We are a part of everything, of the source. Only fools bite the hand of the source. I hope you find a way to honor this sustainer of life on Earth Day. Even more, I hope there is a stronger shift in my mind, towards living as a part of the whole.