Shine A Light: Spoken Word artist John Trudell

I have posted on John Trudell before. There would in fact be many lights to shine on Trudell. As a human being in search of truth to activist for American Indian rights, and for his music.

John is a spoken word artist. His words read over music. I wasn’t used to this type of presentation and it took me a while to divest myself of what I wanted it to be and listen to it with ears of what it is. To get out of my box and hear it for what it is saying. For me, even after many listens and the acceptance of the work, it took time for the weight of his words to sink in and connect.

Being patient was as big a challenge as anything and my lack of it told me much about myself. This video of “Crazy Horse” opens slowly and thoughtfully. something we aren’t used to in our fast paced, instant gratification society.

John Trudell also has several really good podcast that are free on i tunes.


A Plug For The Pod

On the technological side of life, I am the poster boy for “the last one to know”. But maybe I find things when I’m supposed to find them. My latest find has been Podcasts. I download them for road trips and I have found some really interesting podcasts. They have them on everything from faith to comedy. News to human interest stories.

I recently listened to one called “This I Believe”. The episode featured Boston native, cartoonist, WWII vet, and essayist, John Davis Drummey. He spoke of the value of community. The community of people. He seems to have been a man that used everyday to better himself. To grow, painful as it is, but to reach, grow and learn.

There were two sentences that struck me and ones I may never quite let go of. The first one is “Some of my closest friends are people that at first I was hesitant to meet.”. Don’t most of us gravitate to people that share our interests. Our beliefs, our politics. The second sentence is “The more people you understand, the more you understand God”. Wow..There’s two thoughts to chew on for a while. I may need to the rest of my days to work on those.

So you may already have tons of great inspiring podcasts on your ipod, but if you don’t, man it is well worth it. Most are free and the internal value is invaluable. Go get ya some. If you have ones you like, please leave a comment. Pass it along.

Happy Listening !!