Shine A Light: Stanley Turrentine

There is something special about finding Jazz music when you are 20 years old. At least it was for me.. It was that transition from boy to man, from living at home to being on my own. I received a great musical education working at a record store at the time. That’s when Pittsburg native, tenor sax player Stanley Turrentine came across my radar.

Turrentine’s music made me feel more sophisticated and more well-rounded. I also thought it would help get girls, but I don’t think that ever worked!

Not that I pretend to understand the nuances of this music or its intricacies, but I do know how it makes me feel. I love it and I love it being a soothing alternative to vocal based music. It works on a different part of my brain.

So if you get time acquaint¬† yourself to Stanley Turrentines music. I hope it scratches you somewhere you didn’t even know itched!