Alabama Tornadoes

I’ve always keyed in on one of the stories, behind the big story. Th big story in the American South this past week has been the awful tornadoes. The news goes where the biggest impact is; I get that, it makes sense to me. So Birmingham and Tuscaloosa have been the focus of what the major news is reporting. What some may not know is that there were several small tornadoes spawning off of the bigger ones, and they hit many counties in the state of Alabama. Tallapoosa and Elmore counties were also hit hard and suffered extreme damage and loss of life.

Those folks need our help too. So for those looking for ways to help, remember the other stories. The smaller ones that don’t make the big news. Life is life and homes full of love and treasured memories have been scattered across the landscape. There is almost no way for us to wrap our heads around the extreme tragedy that has occured. The scale of damage and death is hard to comprehend. It is hard to know where and when to start. Money helps, but personal efforts are huge. I have never done much of that, but I am changing, and I am making plans to help in some way physically. Perhaps I should take my own advice and call on my brothers and sisters of Elmore and Tallapoosa counties.

Listed below are 2 Red Cross links as well as a church link in Tallapoosa County. I’d encourage you to be a part in some way.