Almost everyone reading this is probably smarter about the subject of money than I am. I am guessing that in the more “primitive” cultures, most men and women made everything they needed, right? Household needs, farming and hunting tools. But there had to be a time when one person, lets say just wasn’t as good at making spears, so he had a friend make a spear for him and in turn he maybe made something for the friend. Sounds reasonable. Or perhaps he traded meat or vegetables for the spear. Both items in the trade were useful to each person. To me that made sense.

Well, somewhere along the line a culture created money and that money had to be based on something. That something became gold. It’s just weird to me, because gold in itself isn’t worth a damn thing. It can’t keep you warm and you can’t eat it, so what’s its value other than there is a finite amount, which doesn’t seem true.

Why wasn’t money, if we even needed it (another debatable idea) based on something of real value. Something someone could actually use to help their existence and their family.

I would be willing to just go along and admit that I’m not that smart…..if the plan was working. It doesn’t seem to be..When the Government needs more money, they call the Feds, who just make some! Wish I could do that, but I know how irresponsible I’d be with a plan like that. It seems irresponsibility isn’t confined to just me. Our entire world seems to be centered around buying. Not only buying for needs, used loosely, but to fill the emptiness. To make us feel like we have worth, to medicate with.

Like that old saying “You can’t take it with you”, and most people that I know that have enough money to buy happiness are the most unhappy. Yet we cling. We cling to the rule that it makes us feel special.


The system can’t change without the Big Crash, and nobody wants that. It does however pose the question; did we outsmart ourselves? Did our brilliant minds back us right into a corner where implosion is what we’re heading towards. Did the early cultures have a better take?

I sure don’t have the answers. I don’t even know enough to ask really good questions, but I can see when something isn’t working. I can see when we are gradually working ourselves out of a way of life. So come on, you economists; explain this to us? I’m sure it all made sense at one point, when our childrens, childrens, childrens, children were only a far distant thought.

This probably conjures up thoughts of the United States going back to a time where we actually build something. Something we can touch; something we can use. I’ll trade you my extra hammer for a few nails. Then maybe we can both build something.