Shine A Light: John Trudell

John Trudell isn’t a name some of you may heard of and yet for my friends in the Native American circles, he is a household name. John is no music artist looking for a #1 hit to live like a rock star. John Trudell is a brave and forthright spokesperson for not only Native Americans but for humanity. Johns music is an extension of his soul and his life work to bring people together.

This John Trudell quote is one of my favorites of all time, “I am just a human being trying to make it in a world that is very rapidly losing its understanding of being human”.

I’d urge anyone seeking an additional view of the truth to look into the life of John Trudell. Poet, actor, and activist, John Trudell, I believe is looking to share his views on a truth that will ground us and unite all people. He was there in Vietnam. He was a participant at the occupation of Alcatraz, and his family was very mysteriously killed in a home fire just days after protesting in Washington. He has paid many a price and still seeks love and togetherness. I would be proud to call him friend. Find him on You Tube and on I tunes.



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